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All About Pet Portraits

Each pet portrait is as unique as each of your pets. Please take the time to read the information below if you are interested in commissioning a portrait.

Pastels are a beautiful medium and will not crack or discolor like other mediums.  Pastels need to be framed under glass.  Once framed, it will last for generations to come.  Please read "about pastels" - ABOUT PASTELS.

SIZE:  This will depend on what you would like included in the portrait.  One animal, two animals, position of pet, lots of toys, etc.  Common sizes are listed below, but I can paint your portrait in most any size you request.

BACKGROUNDS & COMPOSITION:  Simple backgrounds are the best to highlight your pet.  There is an extra fee for a more detailed background ( i.e. trees, gardens, fencing, buildings, couches, lots of toys etc.).  Prices are for one pet in a painting .  There is an extra fee (see below) for each pet added. 

FRAMING:  Portraits are priced unframed, but the painting must be framed under glass soon after purchase.    While it is nice to receive your portrait ready to hang, it is difficult to know exactly what style & color all my clients would like.  I have found it easier for me to do the portrait and for you to choose the framing you would like once you see the painting completed.  There are many professional framers that can help you with your decision.

SHIPPING: As soon as I have received final payment, plus shipping, on your portrait, it will be shipped to you.  Portraits are shipped flat.  Shipping costs will include insurance (approximately $25-$50 depending on the portrait size and distance shipped).

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  The artist retains full reproduction copyrights on all artwork and images.  Artwork & images may not be used or reproduced in any way without the written consent of the artist.  The client agrees that all reference work provided by them to the artist is free and clear of all copyrights and the client agrees they they will be responsible for any legal actions taken by others for use of the photo materials if it is not free and clear of all copyrights.

All artwork is commissioned for your personal use only and may not be used or reproduced for financial gain in any way. 

GUARANTEE:  Your satisfaction is most important.  If for some reason you are unhappy with your portrait, we will work together to get it to your liking. 

LEAD TIME:  Please allow 12 weeks for the portrait to be completed. 

PRIVACY POLICY:  I will not sell or give your personal information to anyone and it will only be used to complete this transaction.  If you do not wish to be on my art mailing list, please let me know. 

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  A 50% deposit is required to start the portrait.  This deposit is non-refundable once the portrait is started.  The balance, plus shipping, is not due until you have approved the finished portrait. 


Size       Head & partial              Full body
                   chest only
9x12                  300                                     400
12x16                 400    *                               500***
14x18                 550    **                              650***
16x20               600    **                              700***
* - add $100 for each additional pet
** - add $150 for each additional pet
*** - add $200 for each additional pet

Unfortunately, I don't get to meet all the animals I paint.  That's why it is SO important for great photos.  If I haven't met your pet, the photo is the only thing I have to go by and that is what your portrait will be based on.  The better the photo, the easier it will be to paint your pet. 

I would like 4-6 photos of your pet, one should be in the exact pose the way you would like it to be painted and also one of the face, with a good view of their eyes.  A few others are good so I can see coloring etc.  Candid shots are always best but if you prefer you can try to get your pet to "sit" for a photo.  Having a helper may make it easier.  Treats are always good to get their attention.

Natural daylight is preferred if possible.  Outdoors on a bright, overcast day is best.   You may want to use a fill flash to help with shadows on extremely sunny days.  If inside, try not to use a flash.  If you must take photos inside, try to take them near a window on a bright day.  You should have your back to the light with your pet facing towards the light.   Make sure you use the "red eye" exposure on your camera.   

Consider the pose of your pet and the background.  Contrasting color to your bet is best and a background that is not too busy. For example, if your pet is dark, place him on a light blanket or rug or with a light background. 

Position yourself at your pet's eye level from about 3-6 ft. away.  Try not to look down at your pet.  Try to catch your pet with his head an an angle or looking left or right.    Photos taken at a slight angle with both eyes showing is best. Straight on is not best but can be used.

Take several shots in various poses.  Take close ups of their face, filling the frame making sure they are in focus.  It's important for me to see their eyes.

Use your petís toys or treats to help get their attention for photographs. Another person standing behind you can be helpful with this.
If you want your pet shown with their favorite toy and/or in a particular setting (i.e. a favorite chair, rug, etc.) I will also need photos of the toy and the setting.
Shoot at the highest resolution possible and email them to me at the same high resolution (1MB or more). You may need to send more than one email to transmit all the photos.

Make sure your photos are not blurry.

Also, if there is any information you want to add about your pet, please write it down and send with photos.

I hope this helps.


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"It Wasn't Me"  - 9x12
head and partial body
Lay-away plans available
These are samples of bad photos. In 1 & 2, the face is too dark, #3 is dark and taken with a phone w/o good lighting, #4 is too dark, #5 is low resolution and cannot see fur and in #6 a flash was used.
These 5 photos are good photos to work from, the first 3 being the best although the last 2 are fine if that is the pose you like but cannot totally see one eye.
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The above prices are for 1 pet with a simple background.                
Detailed background, lots of toys, etc. are extra depending on amount of detail.    
Price will be determined ahead.
*Add $100 for each additional pet in same painting; minimum size 12x16
** Add $150 for each additional pet in same painting.            

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